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Yuko Yoshida General Editor: Lorna Wing Translator: Esther Sanders

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Product Description

“How to Be Yourself in a World That’s Different” is an accessible guide to Asperger Syndrome written for young readers who have been diagnosed with ASD. The book features a clear explanation of the condition, including symptoms that are common to people on the autism spectrum, such as a hypersensitivity to touch and difficulties with balance and coordination. The characteristics and symptoms of other syndromes that often coincide with ASD are also discussed, for example ADHD, learning disorders, and tics, as well as the temporary states of mental dysfunction that people with AS tend to be predisposed to, including depression, anxiety, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, and catatonia. This informative and encouraging text highlights the positive aspects of ASD, such as diligence, fairness, and a knack for unique ideas, but it also acknowledges the daily challenges faced by young people with ASD and, crucially, offers strategies for dealing with these.

About the Author
Yuko Yoshida M.D. is a child psychiatrist at the Yokohama Psycho-Developmental Clinic in Japan, which specializes in diagnosing and treating children with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders. She is also Managing Director of the Institute of Psychomedical Education for Children. She has over 20 years’ clinical experience and has taken training courses taught by Lorna Wing and Judith Gould, and she is one of only a handful of professionals in Japan certified to use the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO). She has previously authored
Championing the individual: On raising children with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism
and co-translated into Japanese The Autistic Spectrum: A Guide for Parents & Professionals
by Lorna Wing. Her most recent Japanese language publication is Autism and Asperger Syndrome: How to Teach Kids about Themselves;
Gakken Education Publishing, 2011).